Wednesday, December 10, 2008

California here I come!

So this is the last place I've gotten around to posting this little tidbit...

I"m moving to California this January to start school at CalArts, studying costume design and construction!

I'm super excited, and a bit scared too! I've already found a place to live, a room in a condo within 5 minutes walking distance, for a super reasonable price. If my cat comes home ( my mom accedentily let her out thanksgiving day...shes been missing since =(  She will be coming with me, and if not...well I may be looking to adopt a new cat once I get there. Im going to be up in Cali by myself for at least a month, and Im going to miss Max terribly...Im realy trying my hardest not to think about that part! But he should be following me up soon, hopefully to work an internship, or a full time job as a story board artist!

Wish us both luck, were going to need it!


Erin Leone said...

Soooooo excitinggggggg! I hope everything goes well. And if you need a cat, I'm sure I could put mine in a box and send him your way. Heh. <3

Patchwork Kitty said...

I know, im going nuts, its just too exciting! Thanks so much for the well wishes, lol, and the kitty offer. Im thinking the kitty would not appreciate that XD