Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wooooo Dental surgery!

So this morning , bright and early, I went in to get some work done in my mouth. Had my one and only wisdome tooth removed, AND and even less pleasent skin graft across 4 of my bottom teeth. Some how, I caused tramma to the gum a few years ago (not suprising, im prone to freak accedents) and it caused the gumm beneath two of my teeth to fall. 

Good news: I had two super skilled dentist preform the sergery
- I was knocked out for the whole thing
-I'm on LOTS of nice pain killers for the next week.

Bad news: - I look like a chipmonk 
-Im tottaly out of it! So im sorry if I make silly/ inapropreate replys on anyones blog!


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